Saturday, January 25, 2014

That Duzzit!

I nose it has been a furry long time since I wrote about my ventures here.

See, not too long after my last post about how to play the hoomin game of golf, Mom decided to go play in traffic.  Acshully, she did efurryfing she was sposta do.  She stopped walking at the corner by the "walk-it here" lines, and waited and looked both ways and efurry moving den wuz stopped.  But then one of them wuzn't, and the driver dint see Mom behind him in between the "walk-it here" lines, and he backed up fast, and he axidentully hit her.  And she went boing into another moving den.  And then we kinda dint blog for two years, waitin' fur her brain stopped shakin' and put itself back together again.  (Mom is mostly okay now -- she wuz just furry glad I wuzn't with her when it happened.)

So, I have been furry patient with Mom.  I dint complain when she brought home this new kitty in Tober 2012 (Her name is Aww-dumb.):

And then I dint complain when Mom brought home this new kitty in Tober 2013 (Her name is Am-brrr.)

Siriusly, hoomins -- that makes four kitties in our den.  FOUR!  If we get enny more than that, I'll need more paws to count them on!  NO MORE KITTIES, MOM!

But the worst insult came today, when I heard Mom talking to Gamma (who is one of my blog's biggest fans, cuz she lubs me).  Mom said she wuz thinkin' of letting Buzz have his own blog!  Buzz!  Now, I like Buzz, cuz he always goes along on our ventures, but Buzz ...?

Well, this is Buzz:

Yes, hoomins.  Buzz is a moving den.

I nose Mom hazn't been feelin' like herself fur a long time (and the fact she's gonna let Buzz have his own blog shows that her brain izn't back to normal yet), but I was here first!  (Well, okay, Zaph was here first, but he and Nero kin write on my blog once inna while iffen they want.)

So I have decided it's time to start writing on my blog again, befur I forget how to type (and befur Buzz gets all the tensions around here).  Daddy kin take the pitchures; I'll just use the pooter when Mom's playing with the stoopid kitties.  So watch dis space, as they say in the pee-papers.

Woof soon! (wagwagwag)

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